“MAGIC BRICK” are innovative patended solution for sustainable waste management to minimize the release of harmful materials into environment by the process of recycling of waste material. This “Magic Brick” is made of different constituents of waste dump that includes: groceries, food scraps, vegetable remains, packing materials, papers, remains of used coal, ash, wood, metals, plastics, ceramics, cloth, glass etc. The Clean and Green Bricks are environment friendly, lighter in weight than the concrete bricks, gives a stronger and superior structure with excellent acoustic properties, lower thermal conduction saving air conditioning costs.


  • Clean and Green Bricks are environmental friendly, which is lighter in weight than concrete bricks
  • It is economically viable due to considerable saving in concrete by using the combination of cement aggregate, sand and blocks of Municipal Solid Waste
  • It is available in different colures and sizes, also in the form of blocks, which will enhance the overall aesthetics of the place
  • It is used in various places in infrastructure projects like low affordable housing, Road/Railways/Canal embankment, Footpath interlocking tiles, Kerb stones etc