Industry at a Glance

Industry Size

  • Current : USD 3.3bn
  • Current Volume : 1.15 bn sq ft
  • Future : 25-30% Annual Growth
  • All Sectors firing at the same time : Retail, Hospitality, IT, Telecom, BFSI, etc.

Industry Growth Drivers

  • Expansion in the real estate sector-malls, hotels, residential complexes, offices
  • Government's increasing engagement with private parties (Private participation preference and low recuritment by Govt.)
  • Railways ever increasing thrust on passenger amenities

Industry Structure

  • 10% Organised sector.
  • Multiple Players with many regional, small players
  • Few National Players

Industry Trends

  • Organised client sector/FMS Service buyers increasingly looking for professional and organized FMS service provider.
  • Some M&A activity happening in FMS space.
  • FMS Market Leaders expanding their bouquet of services and presence across number of locations.