• Shayur Shah(Cairn India Limited)
    I am Shayur Shah, working as legal consultant with Cairn India Limited. Though we have not met so far, I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team for the prompt & timely assistance & care taken of my wife at the Delhi International Airport while on her journey to Dubai on 24th Mar’14.

    My wife was to join me at Dubai on 24th of March. She was travelling alone for the first time with our 18 months old son and was facing some issues at the last moment for an error in endorsement of her PNR on her Visa. My wife was actually frantic and was running from pillar to post with an infant to take care of. That’s when she saw people in A2Z uniforms and it crossed her mind that I personally know Mr. Rishi Agrawal of your team and I got in touch with him to seek help.

    In a chain of prompt timely reactions that followed from Rishi to his seniors and your team at the airport who immediately geared up and assisted her in every way and while we had given up hope of her taking the flight, she could manage to board the flight. Mr. Vinay Gupta of your team at the airport was extremely helpful and I am extremely thankful to him.

    “I once again sincerely thank you & your team for your timely support and look forward to meeting you to express my gratitude in person for the timely support extended by your wonderful team.”
  • Rudra Pratap Singh (Mahindra Towers)
    “Good words come with great hard work and pain staking efforts and feel good to hear. Keep up the good work and maintain the same momentum.”
  • Nasser Hussain (Cognizant Hyderabad)
    “Please accept my hearty Congratulations on carrying out this activity in the most meticulous manner. I can see very clearly how structured, well planned and in depth this activity has been performed. I wish to especially appreciate the work of CP, Kaleshwar, Muthyalu and Satya. Keep up the good work.”  
  • Eanam Khan (IL&FS)
    “It was a good over all performance. Thanks for the proactive steps and initiatives.”
  • Sandesh Parab (Mahindra Towers)
    “Good work. Please keep it up.”
  • Ajay Prakash (STFC HK)
    “ “Good Job” A2Z as per service provided.”
  • Rajesh Mehra (Orchard Residency)
    “Excellent presentation. We should be able to use this to see progress on various points concerning us all. ”